Marion Tzui Yang was born in Taiwan in 1969, educated in the United States, and became a citizen in 2009. She is a writer, an artist, and currently working as an UX/UI designer at a tech company basing in Taipei. Her major contributions are Taichi Card, AniGraphy, Chinese Alphabet, Fuzzy Sudoku, and Taichi Cube. The World of Numbers is her latest, a picture book on discovery and design in numbers.


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Phone : (886) 918-095-222

Location : Taipei, Taiwan


Chinese Alphabet Web/Mobile App

All the building blocks you need for writing Chinese / 2011

Chinese Alphabet: all the building blocks you need for writing Chinese is available now at Google Play, Chrome Web Store and Amazon Appstore. You can also get the companion workbook at, Chinese Alphabet Workbook. The workbook is ideal for the tracing and writing exercises with the app.

Fuzzy Sudoku Web/Tablet App

Drag-n-Drop Game / 2012

Fuzzy Sudoku is a board game on a 9 x 9 square. While Sudoku plays with numbers, Fuzzy Sudoku plays with numbers, colors, and patterns, or the mixing of the above. Fuzzy Sudoku or Fuzzy Square app is DnD game available on Google Play and Chrome Web Store. Here's a sample game on Flash player.

Chun Shan Web/Mobile App

Abstract Art Showcase / 2013

Chun Shan Li (1912-1984) was an art teacher in my high school and a predominant abstract artist in Taiwan. This web/mobile application is my dedication to him. It showcases a body of abstract artwork, made from 1950 to 1984 after the civil war. Chun Shan, or PoS on chrome store, entails 9 sketches, 9 water-color paintings, 39 oil paintings, and several writings with an ongoing translation project in progress.

Taichi Card Web/Mobile App

Five-Element Card Reading / 2010

Taichi Card is a deck of 125 cards I designed and developed based on the English translation of an ancient Chinese oracle poetry book, Poetry in Divination. Subsequently I wrote a Taichicard blog to record the development of Taichi Card. It is now a free app available both in English and Chinese on Google Play, Chrome Web Store and Amazon Appstore